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Preserving the Original Flavor of Echigo Takada

We have sustained our original taste here in Takada through Japan’s four seasons; lovely cherry blossoms around Takada Castle in spring, fresh green glades in summer, beautiful golden oceans of rice fields in autumn, and deep white snow in winter. You will find a rich flavor in our simple and local sake.

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The Kobayashi family

The Kobayashi family took over as the current owners of the brewery in 1916. While the date of foundation was set to be that year, the actual history of the brewery is much longer, and the original date of establishment remains unclear. It is easy to imagine that our history as a brewer began more than hundreds of years ago during the early Meiji period.

Always Locally Sourced

Musashino’s sake is produced from locally grown special sake rice such as Koshi-Tanrei rice and Gohyakumangoku rice. At Musashino, we brew sake perfect for any occasion, from regular sake to Daiginjo sake. We use rice produced in the ricefields of Joetsu, and snow melted soft water from Myoko mountains. We committed to the Echigo(Niigata) style of sake brewing.

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Musashino’s PV

Check out the latest Musashino’s promotional video on Youtube. Please feel how Echigo-Takada is a beautiful place from the winter to the spring. How we brew sake day by day. See the passion and craftsmanship of the brewers of Musashino.

We are currently suspending the acceptance of all courses that use our guest house “Rakusui-Tei”. Due to snow damage, repairs to the building are necessary and will be done after the snow disappears. For the time being, “Rakusui-Tei” is not available for use.
You will not be able to use Rakusaitei for Rakusui-Tei tasting course, lunch, or dinner. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience.


Welcome to Japan and Musashino Shuzo. We are welcome customers from outside of Japan too. We open for Free Sake Tasting through the year, and we do offer various paid tasting and excursion courses for the visitors. If you need assistance for tasting or tour in English, please make a reservation in advance.


3 sake tasting from our regular line
No reservation needed
Testing with a guide
Enjoy an in-depth exploration of our regular, Honjozo, and plum sake.
Up to a group of 15
Approximately 15min to 30min


For Reservation or Inquiry
Open Contact Form
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The brewery is visible through the window but is free to view throughout the year. Free tasting courses are also available. Paid tasting courses and brewery tours are also available.

  • 2~3 Sakes from premium line and 3 Sakes from free tasting program
  • No reservation needed
  • Testing with a guide
  • Enjoy an in-depth exploration of our premium, DaiGinjo and Junmai DaiGinjo sake.
  • Up to a group of 10
  • Approximately 20min to 40min
  • Premium Tasting at our Japanese guest house Rakusui-Tei
  • 1 free bottle of Sake(720ml) for one group.
  • Need advanced reservation
  • Relax and sip Sake at a special traditional atmosphere with your friends
  • For a group of 2 to 10
  • Approximately 30min – 2hours



  • Excursion to inside of brewery + Rakusui Tasting
  • 6 sake tasting include premiun sake with a guide
  • Need advanced reservation
  • You will be venturing into the sake brewery to enjoy learning how the sake is produced. After excursion, visit Rakusui-tei for our signature tasting with overlooking traditional Japanese garden.
  • For a group of 2 to 4
  • Approximately 1 – 2hours